Our Story - The Founding of Traveling Donors and the Vision of Genevieve Uys

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In the heart of every journey lies a story, and at the core of Traveling Donors is the unwavering vision and compassion of Genevieve Uys. Our story begins not with a business plan, but with a personal mission – a calling felt by a young woman who saw beyond the clinical aspects of egg donation and into the hearts of those yearning for a family. Genevieve’s own experiences, marked by the impersonal touch of the egg donation process, ignited a yearning to bring warmth and care to a journey often fraught with emotional and physical challenges. After her 21st birthday, having witnessed a relative's struggle with IVF, Genevieve's path became clear. From the starkness of her own retrievals, first in South Africa and then in India, she discovered her purpose: to forge an agency that would stand as a beacon of support and empathy. At Traveling Donors, we trace our roots back to Genevieve's determination to change the narrative. Starting with just a handful of donors, her resolve has blossomed into a community spanning continents, bonded not by transactions, but by shared stories and a sincere commitment to each other’s well-being. Genevieve has personally journeyed with families across the globe, not just once, but in heartfelt repeat donations that speak volumes of the trust and connection she fosters. Today, her vision has taken form in a company that transcends borders, offering women all around the world comprehensive care without the shadow of financial burden. Let's include a link to the testimonies page 6 here. The ethos of Traveling Donors is etched in every encounter: a philosophy that views every woman as more than a donor, but as a cherished individual deserving of emotional support. It's a place where ethics reign and transparency underpins actions – a far cry from the 'egg factories' of old. Our founder has built a sanctuary where the vision is clear: to guide, to care, to connect. Traveling Donors is more than an agency; it’s a testament to Genevieve's unwavering devotion to creating families with kindness and dignity. It’s a story of turning personal trials into triumphs for many, and a story that continues to be written with love and hope at its core. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every step is taken with care, every story is heard, and every family's dream is cherished. Welcome to Traveling Donors – where your story becomes part of our own.

The Team 

The Team - Professional, Compassionate Staff with Personal Donor and Surrogate Experiences

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Meet the team

Genevieve Uys

Genevieve Uys

Founder and director of Traveling Donors 

Joshua Ynclan

CTO of Traveling Donors, specializing in advancing the Traveling Donors mission statement through developing the company's technical reach.


Recruitment specialist

She became an egg donor because it is important to her that everybody has the choice to have children and it is the most beautiful concept to play a part in being able to give the gift of life and connect parents to something that wouldn’t be possible before.  

Barby has donated 6 times and after having an amazing experience with Traveling Donors, she chose to partner with them and become part of the recruitment team. Her personal donation experience has equipped her with empathy and the knowledge needed to guide future donors and ensure they have the best experience. 


At Traveling Donors, we understand that the journey to parenthood through donation is a road paved with hope and sometimes, uncertainty. Our team—your team—is not just a professional ensemble but a group of hearts and hands that have been where you are. We've celebrated the success, we've embraced the setbacks, and we know the profoundness of every step you take towards creating a family.
Our staff, as compassionate as they are skilled, come to you with personal donor and surrogate experiences that enrich their ability to guide, support, and understand your journey.

We are the Traveling Donors team—professional in our conduct, elite in our industry, and compassionate by nature. From navigating the screening to coordinating travel or fielding your midnight questions, we are here for you, every step of the way, ensuring an effortlessly untroubled and joyful experience.

Because we believe that the greatest gifts in life come with support and understanding, and it's an honor to be part of your story.

The Promise - Personal Guidance and Support through Parenthood Journey

Embark on the Path to Parenthood: Your Guiding Hand Awaits

At Traveling Donors, we recognize that the journey to parenthood is deeply personal and uniquely yours. We believe no dream is too distant, no aspiration too high when it comes to completing your family. That's why we commit to the Traveling Donors Promise—offering you unwavering personal guidance and support at every step of your parenthood journey. Whether you're selecting the perfect egg donor to travel to your preferred clinic from our selection of pre-approved partners, or you're in need of both an egg donor and a surrogate, our team is dedicated to creating a compassionate and seamless experience for you. Embracing diversity, our services are designed to support all intending parents, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status, because we understand that every story is different, but the desire for a happy, healthy baby is universal. Our promise to you is not just professional excellence, but also a deep connection. With some of our team members having walked this path as donors or surrogates themselves, we bring empathy and insight to your journey. We stand by you, ready to facilitate known donor cycles, personalized donor searches, and even semi-open arrangements if you wish. Your aspirations are our commitments. Nothing matters more to us than the smile on your face when you hold your baby for the first time. We're not just here to guide you; we're here to celebrate with you. Let's embark on this beautiful journey, hand in hand.

Traveling Donors: Your Family's Beginning, Our Heartfelt Promise.

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