Traveling Donors is a unique, full-service, International Egg Donor program that brings donors and future parents together to achieve a common goal: the birth of a happy, healthy baby.

For a happy, friendly donor experience, partner with Traveling Donors to achieve your dream of completing your family.


At Travelling Donors, our dedicated staff understand that this is a difficult journey to navigate alone. With over a decade of experience, the team is skilled when it comes to ensuring our clients are able to make an informed decision when selecting a donor. 
Moreover, we would like to clarify that we are not an egg bank and as a result our clients receive all of the eggs that are retrieved i.e. one donor donates to one family. With no waiting lists for our international egg donor program and a diverse pool of healthy and available egg donors, our clients are able to start their egg donor journey with us right away or at a time that is most convenient to them. Furthermore, with over 10 years of experience in the international egg donation & IVF industry and a team of past egg donors, the Traveling Donors team is well equipped to guide you through the process. 

So what makes Traveling Donors unique?

Traveling Donors allows parents to select an Egg Donor from the database whilst still being able to use the clinic of their choice. As a result, Traveling Donors helps create a synergy between prospective Parents, Egg Donors and Fertility Clinics.
Presently, the company has close working relationships with Fertility Clinics in Los Angeles, New York, Austria, Portland, Tbilisi, Northern Cyprus, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico, Cancun, Ukraine, Moscow and Australia.

What is the Traveling Donors promise?

Traveling Donors will personally guide and assist each intending parent’s journey to parenthood whether it is in arranging a suitable Egg Donor to travel abroad to a clinic of your choice or if you are in need of both an Egg Donor and a Surrogate. The Traveling Donors program offers primarily anonymous Egg Donors. However, the team is always readily available to assist in semi-open arrangements too. Traveling Donors aims to help all Intending Parents, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status, as the Traveling Donors team understand and recognise that no two journeys to parenthood are the same. The end goal is always the same, deliver a happy, healthy baby.


Professional & Compassionate

The Traveling Donors team is professional and compassionate. With more than half of the team being former Donors themselves, each member has both the Parents and the Donors best interests at heart.