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Traveling Donors has worked with a large array of clinics across the world as far reaching as Nigeria, Australia, Penang Island, India, Mexico City, Bangkok, Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur. With our traveling donor program, we arrange for your egg donor to travel to the selected location.
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Intending Parents

We help you get preganant.

Donor Programs

Traveling Donors has worked with a large array of clinics across the world as far reaching as Nigeria, Australia , Penang Island, India , Mexico City. With our traveling donor program we arrange for group donations to take place at the selected location, whereby 4 or more donors will travel together with an experienced donor co-ordinator. Experience has taught us that by having group donations we are better able to ensure that your selected donor is receiving constant care and attention. Our donor co-ordinator is there to accompany the donors to each clinic check-up, explain any changes in donor protocol, be there to comfort the donor of day of egg collection and most importantly ensure that the donors emotional and physical well-being is cared for resulting in better results all round.

For Traveling Donors we are concerned with the needs of both the Intending parents and our generous egg donors. For us it is of the utmost importance that the overall experience of our egg donors first cycle with us results in her wanting to donate for us again. We value our donors and understand they are people, not numbers and treat them as such.


Each egg donor needs to have a minimum gap of 3 months between her donations and most of our donors will only donate 2-3 times per year guaranteeing that they will have a favourable response to treatment.

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Success Rate

In every pregnancy attempt future mothers enjoy a high success rate. Our success rates are based on a positive pregnancy result between 1-3 embryo transfer attempts.




Eggs Retrieved


33 donors



27 donors


Online egg donor database

Personal case manager for your egg donor cycle

Detailed egg donor profile and family history

Egg Donation Agreement between intended parents and egg donor

Egg donor reservation upon deposit

Coordination of all egg donor medical screening

Coordination of all egg donor travel arrangements for international travel

Communication between clinic and selected IVF specialist

Coordination and synchronisation of donor for donation process

Egg Donor Medical screening

Travel arrangements for egg donor upon donor approval by clinic

Program Inclusions

Agency fee

Donor Compensation

Donor Medical screening (HIV,VDRL,HEP B, FSH,AMH, E2, Prolactin, progresterone, LH, RH group, OBGYN consultation )

Travel Insurance


Hotel Accommodation

Food allowance

Travel Allowance

Donor Medication 11 days

Legal fee


Fill out and submit the registration form to apply for a donor.

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How are egg donors screened?

  1. Egg donors are pre-screened through a detailed egg donor application to ensure they meet Egg Donor Criteria. We follow the guidelines set out by the ASRM .
  2. The egg donor profile provides you with a detailed social, medical and family history.
  3. Egg donors are then interviewed in order to get to know her and her motivations for wanting to join our international donor program.   Interviews are completed either in person, over the phone and via Skype.
  4. Once an egg donor is chosen by you and we have received the required deposit, we proceed with all medical screening and testing.

How do I reserve an egg donor for my donor cycle?

  1. First, please complete the intending parents Egg Donor Database Request Form and we will grant you access to our secure online donor database.
  2. Once you have selected an egg donor, please notify us of your choice and we will confirm her availability. We will also provide you with an outline of the expected costs and request a deposit.
  3. Once we have received your deposit, we will officially reserve your selected egg donor and she will no longer be available for selection until after your donor cycle has been completed. We will also issue you with an parent Donor Agreement for you to review and sign. We request that all agreements and payments to be made and returned in a timely manner due to the sensitive nature of arranging a donor cycle.
  4. Please bear in mind that if you have selected a first time donor we typically need 6-8weeks to prepare a donor to travel internationally.

How soon can I start my donor cycle?

  • Typically your donor cycle will be arranged within 6-8weeks after you have confirmed your donor selection .
  • A donor will only be confirmed and reserved once all agreements have been signed and all necessary payments have been received.
  • The availability of our donors is listed on our Egg Donor Database , if a donor is currently in cycle she will only be available again 3 months after she has completed her current donation.
  • When making your donor selection it is always best to select 4 preferred donors as we will have to confirm with each donor about her availability to donation during your requested time frame.

What type of egg donor agreements are available ?

  • Anonymous Agreements – This type of agreement is the most common, No Confidential information will not be provided to either the Intended Parents or the Egg Donor and the two parties will not meet in person.
  •  However should you wish to write a personal note or letter to you donor you are most welcome to and Traveling Donors will pass this onto her on your behalf.
  • If you are interested in meeting or skyping with you selected donor please contact us personally as we will have to personally inquire with your donor and evaluate the situation. 

Does Traveling Donors work with all types Intending Parents?

Yes, Traveling Donors does not discriminate towards intending parents in anyway. We are only to help you on your journey to parenthood as easily as possible.

Why should we choose to work with your agency?

  • Traveling Donors will work closely with you and your donor cycle. Since we offer a specialised service we are able to ensure that we give you the personal service that you require during this difficult time.
  • With a team that has First hand egg donor experience, helps us to not only understand your needs better but also ensure that your egg donors needs too are well taken care of.
  • Traveling Donors is a full-service agency. We pre-screen all donors, coordinate medical testing, flights, visas, travel insurance and accommodation for donors. 
  • We accompany your donor for her testing and OBGYN screening whenever possible ensuring that your donor is well taken care .We also coordinate the agreement between Traveling Donors, you and your selected Donor. Our agreements will be specific to your donation arrangement.
  • Our Fee structure is fair and competitive.
  • Since Traveling Donors is open to the use of an intending parents own personal IVF centre, We are able to meet the needs of our intending parents and their difficult work schedules. Traveling Donors will do our utmost best to arrange our schedules to work within your specific needs.