Egg Donation; Embryo Shipping; Known Donation; Frozen Eggs

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Donor flights are not included; The pricing estimate is based on a donor staying in the country for 8 days; The IVF cycle costs are not included; Includes countries likes Malaysia, Cyprus, Ukraine and Mexico;

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Local Donor Program

Traveling Donors has local egg donors living in Mexico , Ukraine , Malaysia , Cyprus, Colombia . Our local donor program covers basic fertility & genetic screening , donor compensation, local transportation, management fee etc. IVF costs and Medication will be additional . As the donor is already living in the country travel costs will be low or not required if the donor is living in the same city as the selected IVF clinic.

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Personalised Donor Searches

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International Cryo Shipping Support

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Donor Cycle Management

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You need to have your own donor

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Other services offered which include: donor introductions; following up with the donor; conceptualising documentation.

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