Embryo Shipping

We have partnered with a number of international shipping companies. Therefore, Traveling Donors can facilitate the shipping of embryos to your country as long as it is compliant with your country’s specific rules and regulations.

Frozen Egg Program

This is specifically for intending parents who would like to remain in their home countries. If you would like to have one of our selected donors complete a cycle for you and have the egg shipped to your home country, without travelling yourself...

Known Donation

We are able to facilitate known donor cycles whereby you can meet your donor on Zoom. Should both parties wish to remain in contact, we will establish the relationship and help with the exchange of details. 

International Cryo Shipping Support

Should you already have embryos and you are in need of support regarding the required documents and processes, we are able to assist you in furthering your journey. Further, Traveling Donors will assist by getting your embryos accepted into your home country, granted all regulations have been met and are still in place.

Donor Cycle Management

Should you have found your own egg donor and you are in need of a mutual third party to arrange the details, we are able to help. This is usually necessary in order to alleviate any stress or strain on the relationship between the intending parents and the donor.