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What is Traveling Donors?

At the heart of Traveling Donors lies a compassionate global egg donor program that weaves together the hopes of soon-to-be parents with the generosity of donors. For over ten years, we've been the guiding light on the path to fulfilling the dream of parenthood, ensuring every step is taken with care and heartfelt empathy.

How does the Traveling Donors journey unfold?

Your journey with our program is one of support and companionship. Whether it's coordinating travel for a donor to your selected clinic or integrating the roles of both an egg donor and a surrogate, we are here to guide you. Our preference for anonymity safeguards the donor's privacy, yet we warmly embrace semi-open arrangements upon your request.

The Miracle of Egg Donation

Egg donation is a precious gift of life involving the retrieval of healthy eggs from a donor, the creation of new life through fertilization, and the nurturing transfer of the embryo to the intended mother or surrogate's womb. It's a tender process that we handle with the utmost care and respect.

Do you provide support during the process?

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire fertility journey.

Can I get consultation before proceeding?

Yes, we offer consultations to discuss your needs and explain how our services can help you.

Why Embark on the Egg Donor Voyage?

Countless couples worldwide are on a quest to start a family, but face the obstacle of infertility. It's the altruistic choice of an egg donor that illuminates their path, providing the chance to embrace parenthood. Particularly for women who have faced ovarian challenges, your giving spirit reignites their hope for a child.

The Ideal Egg Donor: Could it be you?

Vibrant individuals aged 18-30, in robust health, are invited to apply.

Our donors are non-smokers and drug-free, having embraced a healthy lifestyle for at least 3 months prior to engagement.
International travel may be a part of your adventure, generally ranging from 7 to 14 days, but varies by clinic.
To maintain the highest standards, we follow the ASRM guidelines, which limits egg donations to six families.

Keeping your profile current on an annual basis is essential.

A BMI between 18 and 29 is ideal—for a quick BMI check, visit the CDC's website.

The Timeline of Giving

The donation process typically spans 10-16 days from the commencement of fertility treatments to the day of retrieval. From the moment you're matched, expect an approximately 3-month heartfelt journey, including medical screenings and cycle synchronization.

Your Generosity Honored with Compensation

Compensation for egg donors may vary, reflecting factors like educational achievements and the country of the donation cycle. Our comprehensive package includes:
Comfortable accommodations
Daily allowances for meals, varying by location
All-inclusive travel arrangements

Medical and travel insurance
Thorough medical & genetic screening
Donors are honored with compensation starting from $3000 USD, while Australian altruistic donors receive reimbursement for expenses in alignment with local legislation.

How Often Can You Share the Gift of Life?

We have a six-family donation limit to protect your health and adhere to ASRM's guidelines. Your well-being is our priority, regardless of the number of times you donate.

The Essence of the Procedure

The egg retrieval is a brief, 20-30 minute procedure followed by a recovery period. We encourage a restful 48-hour respite post-procedure to ensure your complete well-being.

Connecting with Your Egg Donor

We honor your privacy yet provide the option for more open connections. Should you wish for a known donor experience, we can arrange virtual meetings and establish agreed-upon contact post-donation.

Bespoke Donor Searches

Our personalized search service is tailored to find the perfect donor aligned with your unique desires, expanding beyond our extensive donor database.

Embracing Diversity in Parenthood

Traveling Donors is an inclusive sanctuary for all aspiring parents, celebrating every unique journey to parenthood, irrespective of sexual orientation or marital status.

Joining the Donor Program

Embark on this noble path by providing a valid passport, signing a commitment agreement, and sharing your educational credentials. This ensures a harmonious match with prospective parents.

Donation Frequency

To give your body the care it deserves, we allow up to three donations a year, with a 2-3 month recovery period between each.

Do You need a Passport?

While you may start your application without a passport, we recommend initiating the passport process swiftly, as your travel adventure may commence within a few months.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction where a woman carries and gives birth to a baby for another individual or couple.

Who is eligible for surrogacy services?

Surrogacy services are available to couples who have been approved by the agency. The approval process involves careful consideration of various factors.

Where are the surrogate mothers typically located?

Donors for surrogacy services are typically located in Mexico or Cyprus, and the process involves careful coordination and planning.

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