Intending Parents

Why Traveling Donors?

  • NO waiting list! Cycles between 3-6 months
  • Healthy & readily available egg donors
  • More than 600 egg donors to select from (with diverse ethnicities)
  • High clinic success rates
  • Detailed donor profiles matching your provided features
  • ALL eggs retrieved belong to you
  • Meet your donor on zoom
  • Level of ongoing communication is decided by you and your egg donor
  • Coordination of all egg donor medical & travel arrangements done by our team
  • Recipient couple & egg donor agreement provided
  • Professional care & cycle support for both egg donor & recipient couple
  • Excellent IVF specialist with more than 15 years in the field
  • 100% transparency on all costs (all transactions during the donor cycle are available to view via  www.seedtrustescrow.com
  • Comprehensive genetic carrier screening for 302 conditions is made available by www.invitae.com

User Journey


Complete the consultancy form 


Submit 6 clear photos of yourself and your partner


Book a zoom consult with us  


Pay the registration & consultancy fee


Suitable egg donor profiles will then be emailed through to you based on the egg donor characteristics submitted in your intending parent consultancy form


You will be able to have a zoom call with one of our experienced co-ordinators


Have all questions ready for your zoom calls, during which you will be able to ask anything regarding the donor profiles that we have sent through to you. During or after the call, you may confirm your top 2 donor choices and we will confirm their availability.

Once you have confirmed your final donor selection with us, you will be required to send through copies of both you and your partners passports and your residential address. We then send through your contract and open up your egg donor escrow account.

Contracts are then signed and the first payment of 50% is made. Once the signed contract and proof of the first payment has been received, Traveling Donors will reserve your egg donor for you. The final payment is then due one month prior to your donor departing her home country.

Program Inclusions

  • International Donor profiles
  • Case Manager for your egg donor cycle
  • Detailed egg donor profile and family history
  • Egg Donation Agreement between intended parents and egg donor
  • Egg donor reservation upon deposit
  • Coordination of donors medical & travel arrangements
  • Agency fee
  • Out of pocket donor expenses while abroad
  • Donor medical screening (HIV, VDRL, HEP B, FSH, AMH, E2, Prolactin, LH, RH, STDs, OBGYN consultations)
  • Genetic Screening
  • Travel insurance
  • Flights
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Donor medication (12 days)
  • Legal fees
  • Donor care & cycle support
  • International Document & Shipping support

Congratulations on your confirmed donor match! 

The Next Steps in Your Journey are as Follows:

  • IP Registration forms
  • IP ID/Passport and Proof of Address
  • IP Letter to Egg Donor
  • IP Photos for Egg Donor
  • IP Skype/Zoom with Traveling Donors Case Manager if requested
  • IP final donor confirmation
  • Egg Donor availability confirmed
  • Egg Donor match offer email and accepted by donor
  • Egg Donor Proof of ID received
  • IP contract sent to be signed & returned
  • IP introduced to SeedTrust Escrow
  • Egg Donor Escrow account is funded
  • Egg Donor AMH & AFC results received & approved
  • Egg Donor & Intending Father genetic screening results received & Approved
  • Egg Donor & IPS introduced via video call
  • Egg Donor completes all outstanding blood tests
  • Complete any required counselling
  • Egg Donor Cycle Dates confirmed
  • Egg Donor is on BCP